Homeschool Curriculums with Heart

Secular education that promotes inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking, with a focus on nature connection and social justice

Once upon a time, Homeschooling was primarily the realm of religious families choosing to opt out of the public school system. However, today’s Homeschool community is more diverse than ever, and it demands a variety of curriculum options and learning models.

Families want curriculum that is hands-on, fosters inquiry, promotes empathy and compassion, and engages learners in real-world questions and issues. Families want their children to be outside, solving problems, exploring, engineering, and playing. To grapple with big questions, to learn uncomfortable truths, to advocate for the powerless, to care for the earth and all its creatures.

But if your family decides to homeschool, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when choosing a curriculum. There are so many!

As an education consultant working at the intersection of environmental education, critical pedagogy, and social-emotional learning, I’m often asked for Homeschool curriculum that aligns with my teaching philosophy.

Following are all Homeschool curricula I have either personally used or at least read through and can personally recommend as aligning with the Educate Regenerate Philosophy. You can also access a comparison table of these same curricula here.

Cost Key:

$=$-$150 | $$=$150-$300 | $$$=$300-$450 | $$$$=$450+


All-In-One Curricula

Blossom & Root Grades: Pk-4th| Cost: $ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: Nature Studies, Art, Music Studies Approach: Waldorf-Inspired, Charlotte-Mason-Inspired, Hands-On/Experiential, Nature-Based, Holistic, Eclectic/Mixed Methods, Flexible/Adaptable Format: Digital Download, Supplemental Books (You Supply)

Blossom & Root offers “creative, flexible, hands-on curriculum for secular homeschooling families with a focus on nature, literature, STEM, and art.” You can feel the love with which this was created by homeschool mama & former Kindergarten teacher Kristen in every page. Inspired by Waldorf and Charlotte Mason pedagogies, but infused with her own unique STEM and nature-based flair, Blossom & Root is a child-centered and holistic curriculum that is engaging for the whole family. I am particularly pleased to see the emphasis on Anti-Racism resources on their website, and with the recent addition of the “River of Voices” American History curriculum (mentioned below).

While Math is integrated into the curriculum, the authors recommend adding a supplemental Math program to ensure your child masters the necessary skills (might I suggest the Wild Math curriculum mentioned below?). You can purchase each subject individually or as a grade level bundle; they also offer “Book Seeds,” which are STEM-centered, nature-based mini-unit studies based around a specific book. Be sure to read the description to make sure you’re selecting the correct item for purchase.

Kekere Freedom School Grades: 1st-8th| Cost: $$$$ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: Language & Linguistics, Art, World Cultures, Cooking, Dancing, Textiles, Games, and more! Approach: Hands-On/Experiential, Eclectic/Mixed Methods, Culturally-Responsive, Decolonizing Pedagogy, Holistic, Social Justice Pedagogy Format: Digital Download, Supplemental Books (You Supply)

Kekere Freedom School is a passionate community dedicated to celebrating diversity and affirming identity. It is primarily a homeschool co-op in Ypsilanti, Michigan, but they offer a growing catalog of their finely curated curriculum full of rich activities for sale on their website. The program has a strong emphasis on Decolonizing and Culturally-Responsive pedagogies, and is inspired by the Freedom School movement from the Civil Rights Era.

Each lesson offers a handful of activities to dive into which cover themes like Ancestral Wisdom, Preserving Languages, and Radical Imagination. Activities are differentiated by age level and range from watching short video clips followed by thoughtful journal or discussion questions, to cooking and arts & crafts activities.

Please note that while this curriculum technically covers all the main academic subjects, you may want to supplement with additional Reading or Math curriculum depending on your child’s needs.

Your Natural Learner Grades: Pk-5th| Cost: $$ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: ?? Approach: Developmentally-Appropriate, Eclectic/Mixed Methods, Child-Led/Flexible, Holistic, Hands-On/Experiential Format: Digital Download, Supplemental Books (You Supply)

Your Natural Learner allows you to “be as boundless as an unschooler, and as well-prepared as an academic.” Developed by an experienced teacher and homeschool mama, Your Natural Learner is grounded in current research on how children learn. While still ensuring that your child meets academic benchmarks, creator Leah has developed a curriculum with built-in flexibility and fun to instill a life-long love of learning.

With charming illustrations and approachable language (and even an online “de-schooling” courses for parents!), Your Natural Learner is easy to use and adapt to your lifestyle.

Magic Forest Academy Grades: 2nd-6th| Cost: $ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: Cooking, Art, Games, Nature Journaling, Nature Studies Approach: Holistic, Literature-Based, Nature-Based, Eclectic/Mixed Methods, Flexible/Adaptable Format: Digital Download

Magic Forest Academy adds a bit of whimsy into your homeschool program. With 52 weekly units on themes like “Sticks & Twigs,” “Dreams,” and “Foxes,” children cover content and skills in all the primary subject areas, plus many enrichment activities. The curriculum is full of engaging hands-on activities that foster creativity and imagination, and each unit includes a handful of additional links and resources for extended learning.

You can purchase the whole curriculum as a bundle, or by season or even by week. Please note that while this curriculum technically covers all the main academic subjects, you may want to supplement with additional Reading or Math curriculum depending on your child’s needs.

Global Village School Grades: K-12| Cost: $$ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: Global Studies, Film Studies, Sustainability, Psychology, Civics & Citizenship, Peace Studies Approach: Holistic, Culturally-Responsive, Literature-Based, Social Justice Pedagogy, Sustainability-Themed, Structured Format: Textbook, Supplemental Books (You Supply)

The Global Village School boasts an impressive pedigree and thoughtful teaching philosophy based in sustainability, global citizenship, peace studies, environmental justice, and social-emotional learning. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured for new and seasoned homeschool families, and has been developed by a team of experienced teachers. You can rest assured that your child will be meeting academic standards while engaging in exciting topics and practicing real-world skills.

Global Village School offers homeschool families two different options: a distance learning program or a curriculum only option. Their distance learning program is an accredited K-12 school and, while technically “virtual,” does not require your child to be on the computer all day. The same curriculum is also offered on its own for families to adapt to fit their needs at home. There is even the option to order a customized curriculum at an additional cost.

Oak Meadow Grades: K-12| Cost: $$$ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: Civics & Citizenship, Nature Studies Approach: Waldorf-Inspired, Holistic, Nature-Based, Structured Format: Digital Download, Kits (Additional Cost), Textbook

Oak Meadow is a well-known Waldorf-Inspired homeschool program, grounded in holistic, experiential, and character-based learning. The program blends Waldorf themes and with traditional topics for a comprehensive and standards-aligned curriculum.

Oak Meadow offers both distance learning and curriculum-only options. The distance learning program is accredited, and limits the time spent on the computer. The curriculum-only option offers families the ability to adapt the curriculum based on your family’s needs. The curriculum is sold as grade-level bundles; you can also purchase the supplemental literature books, activity books, and activity kits on their website.

Torchlight Grades: Pk-5 (approx.)| Cost: $ Subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies; Enrichment: Music Studies, Art Approach: Literature-Based, Holistic, Eclectic/Mixed Methods, Child-Led, Secular, Flexible/Adaptable Format: Digital Download, Supplemental Books (You Supply)

Torchlight takes a a unique approach to learning in that it is both literature-based (a la Charlotte Mason), but also Socratic and Humanistic. This translates to being child-led, holistic, and inquiry-based, encouraging children to follow their curiosity and discover the truth for themselves. You can tell that the curriculum developer, educator and writer Tiffany, has put a lot of thought into not only the curriculum itself, but also the underlying philosophy and methodology — I highly encourage you to check out her website and learn more.

The curriculum includes weekly library lists (for the many books you’ll be borrowing or buying), hands-on activities, discussion guides, workbooks, and more.


Subject Specific Curricula

Some homeschool families prefer to mix and match curricula, or they might just want to supplement an all-in-one curriculum with an additional focus on a specific subject area. Below are a small selection of subject-specific curricula