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Educate Regenerate is an organization founded in 2020 by Dana Utroske with the mission to make sustainability education more accessible and approachable for K-12 educators. The organization provides resources, training, and support to educators in order to empower youth today with the knowledge they need to tackle tomorrow's social and environmental issues. Educate Regenerate aims to help teachers feel confident teaching sustainability concepts in their classrooms and empower students with the knowledge they need to live more sustainable lives.


We are committed to making sustainability an integral part of every student’s education. Educate Regenerate has been helping businesses, schools, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations design and implement sustainability education for thousands of youth every year.

All materials are aligned with national and/or Oregon academic standards; we can also incorporate additional benchmarks and frameworks, such as Oregon’s Environmental Literacy Plan, the Education for Sustainability Standards, and CASEL Social-Emotional Learning Competencies.

Mission & Philosophy

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Educate Regenerate is transforming K-12 education. In our complex world facing climate change and environmental injustice, students need an education that prepares them to understand the world and have the skills to live in it. My work weaves together Physical Science, Social Studies, and Outdoor Education to design transformative sustainability K-12 education. This approach provides an integrated and holistic perspective of our world and the environment, with a focus on addressing environmental and social challenges.

As the world becomes more complex and intertwined, the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in it are forever evolving. Through the exploration of complex sustainability topics in science and social studies, students develop vital skills in critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and problem-solving. 


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