sowing the seeds for a regenerative tomorrow

by nurturing educators, students, and communities


The Educate Regenerate Philosophy

Educate Regenerate sows the seeds for a regenerative tomorrow by nurturing educators, students, and communities. The Educate Regenerate Philosophy is informed by a combination of complementary teaching theories and approaches, and most closely aligns with what is called Sustainability Pedagogy.

Educate Regenerate believes...

  • that true learning engages the learner as a whole person, valuing the spiritual, emotional, and physical self as much as the intellectual self,

  • that learning can and should be liberatory, joyous, healing, and relational

  • that learners deserve an education that equips them with the tools to design a more sustainable world


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Meet Dana Utroske

I'm an educator, gardener, systems designer, and dreamer. I've taught in forests, prisons, barns, living rooms, community gardens, and just about everywhere in between. And there's been some classrooms in there, too, of every size and shape imaginable. 

I know the struggle. I know the restrictions, the turn-over, the lack of resources. The ever-shifting demands, the politics, the chaotic classrooms. I also know that this old model of education doesn’t work; it doesn't lead to genuine learning, support students’ needs, or connect to the real world.


But there's a different way.

Using regenerative education practices, I’ve collaborated with school and program leaders to help them transform their teaching practice and design learning experiences that are engaging, authentic, and life-changing--for both the students and teachers. I’m passionate about nurturing the leaders and change-makers we need to tackle big challenges like climate change and social inequality. 





"[Dana] demonstrated a deep commitment to learning and professional development, for herself and her colleagues. She is a great team player... [She] demonstrated expertise and integrity in all aspects of her work. She is thoughtful and kind, and extremely organized.”

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